from body owner to body user

Dr Ida P. Rolf, PhD
(*1896 - †1979)
' It's not about
how deep you go.
It's about how you
go deep.'

' What conditions must be fulfilled in order for the human body-structure to be organized and integrated in gravity so that the whole person can function in the most optimal and economical way ? '

This question guided #DrRolf and lead her to engineering a unique method of #StructuralIntegration.

At the age of 24, the founder of Rolfing® earned her PhD in biochemistry studying phospholipids at the College for Physicians and Surgeons of Colombia University. Until 1927 she conducted research at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

Out of personal interest she went on the quest for improving physical and mental well-being. She came across multiple methods of alternative healing, such as #yoga, #osteopathy, #chiropractic, #Alexander-Technique, #Feldenkrais and Alfred #Korzybski's work on general semantics.

Dr. Rolf came to the conclusion that the body functions best when the bony segments are in proper #alignment. She believed that the imbalances in structure placed demands on the body's pervasive #network of soft tissues: #muscles, #fascia, #tendons and #ligaments, thereby creating #compensations throughout the body structure.

Accordingly, she named her technical & conceptual approach 'Structural Integration' while her environment coined the affectionate term of getting 'rolfed'.

love affair between gravity & man

#Rofling® puts man as a whole system in relationship to his natural environment - the field of #gravity, which is to be considered as sole constant element in our life.

' Some individuals may perceive their losing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others as constant fatigue, yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment. '
Dr Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

All together; man is out of balance.

The Rolfing® specific touch in-forms the entire fascial network throughout the 10 sessions so it can re-organize its multiple #relationships around the own axis.

the rest is physics

With technological progress - & presumibly a lot of determination - Dr. Robert Schleip, Director of Fascia Research Group, Division Neurophysiology of Ulm University, was able to prove the close link between fascia & the stress system. When the show goes down, a #StressResponse is triggered & fascia contracts & increases its tonus accordingly. Whereas muscles can decontract when not in action, fascia will only relax & normalize its tonus once the stress hormones waer off.

fascial system • interface with the stress system

#ChronicStress results in an overdose of cortisol which dries up the entire fascia network that won't get sufficient nutrients. The sliding property of the connective tissue decayes, different layers form adhesions & decrease in elasticity. The quality of fascia changes: stiffens & gets brittle, eventually. Since quite some time now, degree of elasticity vs. rigidity of connective tissue is both quantifiable & reliably rendered visible by means of #ShearWaveElastography.

Let's talk about the latest hype - the #interstitium fuzz. Indeed, the #spongy structure of #ConnectiveTissue can also be contemplated from the perspective of the holes ... no big news though. The finding of so called #CD34Cells however, according to Prof. Dr. #HeleneLangevin, Professor in Residence of Harvard Medical School and Director of #OsherCenterForIntegrativeMedicine, is a big deal. Those cells are of key importance in #ImmuneResponsiveness.

so the fascial system is also an inferface with the immune system

However, nothing happens without the brain, the complex #NervousSystem and the #hormones. Meaning, connective tissue and fascia operate in close interaction with the #EndocrineSystem.

back to Rolfing®

Additionally to the effects of oxygenation, hydration & enhanced absorbtion of nutrients, Rolfing® gives a new orientation through a rebalancing of tensile integrity of the entire fascial network. This results in quicker adaptability of the body to the field of gravity. The newly gained stability allows independent arms and legs to #MoveMountains.

#Ressources are being set free which in turn can be user for a very different quality of #BodyUse. This translates into

smooth #coordination
improved #BodyAwareness
safe connection to the ground
increased capacity to absorb #oxygen
better technique through more #EfficientCoordination
new perspectives of #BodyUse
more #space in your body
increased #endurance
#safe in your body


so you shift #FromBodyOwnerToBodyUser

#fascia • interface between #StressSystem & #ImmuneSystem

#NeuroSystemicIntegration #FromSurvivingToThriving

#FreezeAndLoseYourEase • coined by Dr. #RobertSchleip